Social Media Paid Ads: Should Travel Companies Invest in Them?

As per reports, social media represents a total of 28% of the entire time spent by hoteliers on online marketing. This makes for the time when they choose to connect with their throbbing online community consisting of their fans and followers across all devices. As far as sharing and curating impactful content is concerned, it

B2C Portal Development: Exploring Its Merits and More

B2C (Business to Customer) portal development has experienced a steady trajectory over the years. Why are businesses willing to invest in B2C portal development? The reason isn’t that hard to find. The reason behind its steady growth can be attributed to the very reason why brands would want to have their websites – a well-optimized

Is Wearable Technology the Future of Web Development?

Do you know what the biggest web development trend to have caught the fancy of tech folks is? It’s the wearable apps. Once you look at these figures, you will know why exactly wearables have managed to rise to tech prominence. As per a report, the wearable technology market is well poised to touch USD

Ecommerce: Why Cross-Selling Is an Important Element Besides Your Layout

The year 2016 presents tremendous opportunities for cross-selling techniques. Ecommerce businesses can actually bolster sales records by even up to 30% by resorting to cross-selling. As a retailer you do have the chance to generate extra traffic during the sales period by adding new features and optimizing user experience. Ecommerce: Strategies to Shore Up This

Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Website

Getting traffic on the website is only half the battle won. The main point is to convert this into prosperous clients. The SEO, SMO & other advertisement campaign can only increase the number of visitors to your website, but the real issue is that to convert these into clients. The conversion rate is definitely an

SEO: Why Specialists Are Talking About Rich Answers

How “direct” can Google get with its search? For instance, today, if you search with the query, “When did India become Independent?” Google will offer you a direct answer – 15th August, 1947. You are not really required going through elaborate articles or blog posts for this answer. This is what we call is a

Voice Search: Where Does It Figure in SEO?

If you have been undermining the importance of voice search so far then the following figures are meant for you. As per a research conducted by Northstar, 55% of the teens utilize voice search on a regular basis and 56% of adults actually enjoy using voice-based search. It is not only fun but convenient as

Facebook News Feed: All You Need to Know About the Latest Tweak

Facebook in its push for more compelling content has, once again, tweaked its news feed. As per reports, this particular algorithmic change will actually redefine the way in which around 2 billion Facebook users consume information today. From now onwards, the social networking channel will prioritize “informative” posts. So that means that there is every

eCommerce Web Development: Mistakes Significantly Impacting Your Entrepreneurial Endeavors

The prospect of getting an eCommerce store developed is tempting, to say the least. Touted as the proverbial money-spinner, an eCommerce platform is fast becoming a crucial part of our shopping experience. As per reports, in the year 2013, around 40-41% percent of people had shopped online. The figure is well poised to touch 46%

Do you really need a Responsive Website for your Brand

The web designers are talking about responsive websites. Everyone is curious to know what really a responsive website means & how this will be affecting the performance of your business. These are certainly the most pertinent questions & every single person needs the answer. The responsive websites are those which have the flexibility to adapt